No experience in the book trade? No problem. EDU Books has an extensive training program to familiarize you with the details of what we do and what we need.

A relative lack of a local book trade and large technology companies means we promote internally. Learn your material, work hard, focus on getting it right and you will be rewarded.

Our offices are modern, spacious and clean. Our parking garage in the basement makes commuting easy.

To apply, email your resume to

Our Vadodara office

Data Entry & Order Processing

2 years experience

Experience with ERP and Tally accounting software. Experience with Microsoft Excel, advanced uses and VBA scripting a plus. Familiarity with the web and order processing. Experience with Google Drive is a plus. Must be able to read English well enough to understand data on web pages and use the software packages above.


Data Master

5 years experience

Strong knowledge of Excel and SQL queries. Must be familiar with XML, FTP and have basic understanding of web data applications. Scripting languages such as VBA, PHP, Javascript or Python a plus. Some basic knowledge of image formats. Must understand, speak, read and write English well enough to understand face-to-face conversation and communicate with native English speakers over email.


Warehouse Operator

Entry level

Must be able to read English well enough for basic use of a packing and warehouse management system. Must be precise, punctual and dependable. Must have some familiarity with using computers.