EDU Books is a physical and electronic wholesaler of academic books in the developing world. Our company entered the book trade in 1997 supplying course materials to students at our English language and test preparation campuses in Vadodara, India. Over the ensuing years, we have shifted our focus from ESTL and test preparation to core academics. We have developed technology as a core competency and expanded to four book trade offices, three distribution centers, and two managed warehouses all on four continents.

EDU Books is a proud leader among developing world booksellers. Our academic library system serves university, research, government and large corporate libraries, in India, SAARC Countries, Africa, and the Middle East. The philosophy, software, and logistics behind the system constitute a significant first for a developing world company and a radical departure from typical business practices in the regions we serve. For the first time, libraries here are able to use a Western style library selection and supply system custom built from the first keystroke for the needs of the developing world.

We work with publishers throughout North America and Europe to bring the best selection possible to our customers. We are an honest business partner for our suppliers and customers, and the numbers reflect this fact. The publishers we work with and the customers we serve grow in number every week. 


The training library in Vadodara
The Vadodara warehouse